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Career Consultant
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Career Management

Your future can include a career featuring:

  • A better job,
  • More fulfilling, satisfying work,
  • Business on your own,
  • A portfolio of work with better balance.

I will help you:

  • Understand and communicate your business value in language the hiring executive wants to hear,
  • Prepare effective job search materials,
  • Coach you to go-to-market more effectively,
  • Teach you how to network and interview,
  • Evaluate offers, and
  • Negotiate terms.

I also help clients:

  • Think through developing a business plan,
  • Launch a consulting practice,
  • Think through buying a business.

Career Consulting delivers a plan for your career and the skills, materials and support to move on now - and in the future.

"My 35 years of experience, working as a Career Consultant and CEO, will give you the tools, encouragement and spark to think boldly - and the energy to make it happen!"

Bill Varnell

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