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Career Management: Important Questions

Here are a few important and commonly asked questions and answers:

Contact me with any questions not addressed here.

Who uses career consulting?
Senior executives, managers and professionals at the point of career transition. Each has made the decision to manage their careers. Clients have worked in many fields and roles including financial services, healthcare, architecture, construction, marketing, technology, sales, finance, consulting, human resources, business development, manufacturing, research, therapy development, legal, general management, and others.

What does it mean to “manage your career”?
People who successfully manage their careers work hard to learn about the intersection of why they work, what they are good at, and what they enjoy. They develop and implement a plan to make their career goals happen. This is true whether you work for a company or work for yourself.

Why is Bill Varnell different?
Bill has been a CEO, Board Member and Board Officer and understands the significant business issues from the hiring executive’s point-of-view. He brings that perspective to each of his clients so that they understand their business value more clearly. They also learn how to tell people at the hiring level about that value in the language of the senior executive.

What is Bill’s style?
Bill is direct, candid, and stays focused on your needs and search. He is available when needed, answers your calls, e-mails, and text messages promptly. He gives you plenty of advanced notice if he is to be unavailable or on vacation. He will be politely blunt with you if you take your search off target.

What else does Bill do in his practice?
Bill provides Executive Coaching to a few, select clients at the highest levels of organizations. Clients are Board Leaders (Chair, Committee Chair), CEO’s or other “C-level” executives. The topics are improvement performance (revenue growth, profit growth, shareholder value). Clients are at both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

What is the career consulting philosophy?>
Quality careers don’t just happen. They result from focused work to understanding personal career needs, defining goals, creating and implementing a career management plan, identify target opportunities and use effective networking and interviewing skills. Career consulting gives you the energy, focus and direction to make this happen - and keeps you on target.

What are Mr. Varnell’s qualifications?
Mr. Varnell has enjoyed thirty-five years in business and career consulting. He has been a CEO and, on his own, made a major career transition to become a career management professional. To gain experience he took the position of Vice-President in the Boston office of a major, international career management firm. Within a year he was managing the professional staff statewide. He has been the featured speaker at various career management forums.

How do I find out if Career Consulting adds value for me?
Call him at 617.290.6355, have a brief conversation and schedule a meeting. There is no charge for this meeting unless travel costs are incurred.

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