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Career Management: Who You Are/Who I Am

Who You Are

Career Consulting helps senior executives at career crossroads. You will benefit when:

  • You are seeking employment.
  • You are struggling to brand yourself in todayís tough job market.
  • You need help articulating your business value to the hiring executive.
  • You have never had to look for a job before at your level.
  • You are currently employed and interested in a change.
  • You want to start a business, buy a business or become an independent consultant.
  • You want to change gears and enjoy balance between your work and your passions.

Who I Am

Bill Varnell is a broadly experienced executive and career consultant.

He has worked for over thirty years in industry and has been a CEO of a health maintenance organization (HMO), a national healthcare organization, and a medical liability systems and healthcare quality improvement company. He now has a private practice in career consulting.

As a CEO he recognized that his personal and professional successes were a direct result of the success of the staff he assembled and coached. This experience, and the pleasure he derived from it, led him to career consulting.

Bill moved into career consulting taking the position of Vice President with Manchester, an international career management firm. Within a few months he was asked to lead the professional staff and oversee all services provided to Manchesterís customers in both its Boston and Waltham offices. In this capacity, Bill led the quality improvement process, hired and evaluated staff and connected candidates and counselors. Most importantly, he worked with a wide range of senior level candidates working successfully to find and develop new career options.

He now has created an independent, consulting practice with exclusive focus on senior level leaders, managers, executives, and professionals.

This is the fifth business Bill has developed, the third business of his own. He started his first business at age fourteen. Bill is married to a wonderful lady, Mary, has a terrific daughter and grandson. He has golf clubs and goes around the course but does not claim to actually play golf.

More About Billís Previous Work:

Trained as a mathematician at Jacksonville University (B.A.) and Duke University (M.A.) Bill began his formal work life as a college teacher and consultant. His consulting led to a career with Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Florida and Ohio. He ultimately became the senior corporate officer for managed care, responsible for leadership of an HMO, two other healthcare delivery systems and all relationships with healthcare providers. Over 1,000 people were employed in this $1 billion operation. The significant result from this effort was to take the financially failing HMO to profitability, while assuring growth and stability. First year results included a 16% improvement in results and the first profitable year in memory.

Bill was recruited to become the President and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) in Denver, Colorado. This organization was in a difficult financial situation but was turned around and made financially sound. In addition a national home nursing care organization was organized to leverage the capacity of the more than 450 Visiting Nurse Associations around the country. This became the largest and best-known home care provider in the national marketplace with nearly 15% market share attained in just three years.

He left VNAA and began to work with a variety of clients as an independent consultant developing strategic business partnerships between symbiotic organizations. He developed business transition and succession plans for a family owed conglomerate and developed a national group purchasing strategy for a national healthcare charity.

He was then recruited to become the President of a medical liability systems and healthcare quality improvement firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This start up proceeded through two rounds of funding, exceeded first year sales goals by 450% and continues to develop.

It was during this time that his interest in career management became clear and Bill managed his career into a new industry.

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