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Executive Coaching: Important Questions

Here are a few important and commonly asked questions and answers:

Contact me with any questions not addressed here.

How do I contact Mr. Varnell?
Call him at 617.290.6355, have a brief conversation and schedule a meeting. There is no charge for this meeting unless travel costs are incurred.

Why use Mr. Varnell?
Mr. Varnell has been a CEO and Board Chair and understands the issues facing executive leaders at the highest corporate levels. He knows that decisions made at this level require careful thinking and discussion and the executive leader wants an unbiased sounding board and confidant. He is focused, direct, and thinks only about his clientís success.

How often do clients meet?
This varies based upon client need. Often meeting happen every month to six weeks. During time of intense change meetings may be more frequent.

Who sets the agendas for meetings?
Almost always the client sets the agenda. After all, the client knows best what is on his or her mind. Mr. Varnell may offer to augment the agenda based upon his understanding of the clientís situation.

Where do meetings happen?
Wherever the clients want. Most often this is at the clientís office. Other meetings may be at Mr. Varnellís office, a coffee shop or restaurant, and, on occasion, the golf course.

Is he available by phone?
Yes, and usually within a just few hours of the call.

Is he available by e-mail?
Of course.

Is meeting content confidential?

Will Mr. Varnell coach others in the organization?
Only at the express direction of his client.

Will Mr. Varnell coach my competitor?
Not at the same time.

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