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Executive Coaching Services: What I Do

This is what I do:

  • Work directly and privately with P&L responsible executives and business leaders to clarify and communicate business strategy. Communication may “up” to the Board or Corporate office, or “down” into the organization.
  • Help leaders articulate simply and directly business goals – usually increasing revenue (top line growth and increasing shareholder value) or growing profits (increasing the bottom line and shareholder value).
  • Remind the leader that Strategy is “what were doing”, tactics “how are we doing it”. Simple, clear messages are needed throughout the firm to assure that everyone is working toward the results the lead executive expects. Coaching helps these messages be effective.
  • Work with business leaders to identify major tactical approaches, align corporate structures to the strategy, and identify the key people to deliver the results expected by their leader. Strategy, Structure, People is the order of work.
  • Provide the business executive a peer, someone to talk with who understands his or her role, and can help the leader stay on target.
  • Help the business leader train themselves to focus on key results and keep out “the weeds”. This includes managing direct reports and keeping others in the organization from using the leader as the decider of all things.

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