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Executive Coaching: Who You Are/Who I Am

Who You Are

You can benefit from Executive Coaching Services if you are:

  • A CEO, a COO, CMO or other “C”-Level Executive with P&L responsibility and accountability. You are leading a business division or are a Board Chair or lead a Board Committee.
  • Leading a for-profit or non-profit organization and want to increase business results by growing revenue and profits, and need to increase shareholder or stakeholder value.
  • Looking for someone, who has attained your level of success, to act as sounding board, confidant, and trusted advisor.
  • Interested in growing as a business leader and improving your professional stature. Your focus is growing the business (revenue, profits, shareholder value) and increasing your executive leadership abilities.
  • Established in your role or newly appointed and want to be more effective and efficient on a day-to-day basis. Your company is well established or a may be a start-up.
  • In need of a peer to help you think things through and plan your executive actions. Your problems may be product, customers, employees, strategy, structure, or several of these. Other issues may come to your mind.

Remember it does not need to be lonely at the top.

Who I Am

A deeply and broadly experienced executive coach who has worked with CEOs, COOs, CMOs, Board Chairs and other P&L accountable executives.

An executive coach focused on improvements in top line results, bottom line results, executive performance, and leadership growth.

Working with clients leading local, regional, nation and international firms ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar firms. These companies may be for-profit or non-profit. Some clients are established in their roles while others are newly appointed.

A successful CEO and Board leader experienced in firms ranging from start-ups to $1 billion in annual revenue. I have served on more than ten Boards of Directors as both leader and member. I have been a CEO in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Personable, very direct and able to help keep you on the leadership course, and out of “the weeds”.

For more about my career, go to About Me.

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