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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for:

  • “C” level executives with P & L responsibility and accountability.
  • Board Chairs and Committee Chairs.

I will help you:

  • By providing you a sounding board, listen to you, challenge you, help you talk through and think through issues.
  • By becoming your trusted confidential advisor and confidant.
  • Improve your business’ performance – growing revenue, increasing profit, adding shareholder value.
  • Improve non-profit effectiveness.
  • Improve your executive performance – strategic and tactical business planning, communication, managing the people side of the business.
  • Think through the M & A process.
  • Improve board management by the executive.

I also help clients:

  • Think through the needs of the organization when looking for new employees.
  • Observe existing staff to identify development needs.
  • By being experienced as a CEO, Board Member and Board Chair.

“My 25 years experience as a CEO, Board member and leader will be focused helping you be more effective and successful.”

Bill Varnell

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