Executive Coaching and Job Search

Lauren” is both an Executive Coaching and Job Search client. I have worked with Lauren during her career growth. She has gone from departmental Director to CMO in her career journey through four different industries.  Corporations have been statewide, national, and international.  Lauren’s main work with me has been how to successfully articulate her strategic business value and demonstrate her operational excellence to new employers.  We have focused on interview content, navigating interviews with executive search firms, senior staff, and boards of directors.

As an executive coach, I have helped Lauren to be prepared when she joins a new corporation so that she can demonstrate her value early on.  I have helped her navigate corporate politics and a broad array of personnel issues as she transforms business operations.  Sometime she calls me just to have someone who has walked in her shoes to talk to.

RESULT - Lauren has the insight to know that market planning is in fact corporate strategic planning and has assumed leadership in this arena.  She is highly valued by the senior team and Board.  She is the go-to expert for marketing and business growth worldwide.


Executive Coaching

Tom” is an Executive Coaching client and the majority owner and CEO of a technology focused company. He approached me with a simple request which was to “teach me how to be a CEO”. In our discussions it was clear that he was doing every C- level job. Because of this he was unable to be an effective leader or able to focus on business development and growth. Over time we built his management team especially HR, Finance, and Operations.

RESULT – The company has grown threefold - organically and via an acquisition.  Tom’s staff is now located coast to coast and serves a wide variety of clients.  We have also discussed unrelated business ventures, a wide range of personal issues, and have developed a business exit strategy.


Job Search

Deborah” is a Job Search client that I have worked with on several strategic career moves.  She is a mid-level leader with a strong product and marketing portfolio. During the progression of her successful career, I have helped her assess and define job opportunities. Most recently she had become dissatisfied with her work situation and had considered looking for a new role.  She had two very interesting companies approach her. One of those companies became her main focus.  We defined compensation and work/life balance targets. I coached her on how to articulate her requirements.  I also prepared her to be ready for her employer’s counteroffer.   I anticipated this because she is so strong in her abilities. The counter offer reached 50% of her annual compensation but did not address her work/life goals.

RESULT – Deborah chose to leave her company and accept the new offer. She enjoys the challenges of her new position and finds the team environment rewarding.  Most importantly this organization meets her work/life balance goals.


Executive Coaching

Andrew” is an Executive Coaching client and the CEO of a large not-for-profit.  His Board of Directors had significant turnover in a relatively short time and had shifted its focus developing an entirely new strategic plan. Andrew was presented the strategic plan and was struggling with this new environment. His Board Chair suggested he find an executive coach.  We analyzed the plan and found that much of the organization’s activities could be aligned with the plan, however, significant changes in operations, communication, and marketing were required. I worked with him to find a better way to communicate the organization’s work and results to the Board, his marketplace, and donor base. We evaluated a number of employees for whom the new environment was not going to be successful and found replacements.  In addition, a chief of operations was found through a national search. Andrew’s focus became significantly more external and far less internal.

RESULT – Andrew is now highly effective as a CEO.  Operations are well run and his Board is very pleased with his performance.


Job Search

Jim” a Job Search client engaged me after relocating to Massachusetts where he was raised. He engaged me to help him define and launch his job search.  First, I helped him negotiate a remote working arrangement with his out of state employer prior to the pandemic. As the workplace situation changed, Jim was able to extend his remote working relationship. To prepare for a new job opportunity, we developed his resume and defined a strategic networking strategy to fit the New England marketplace.  Even though several potential positions were identified, a reorganization of his out of state employer led to a new opportunity.

RESULT - Together we worked out a strategy that identified key needs in the reorganized structure and positioned Jim for this role.  He was offered the new role, accepted it and received a promotion with higher salary.


Executive Coaching

Sarah” an Executive Coaching client became Board Chair of a large not-for-profit. Her past experience did not prepare her for this role and I was responsible for developing her leadership capabilities. Our focus was to differentiate between leadership, management, and operations. We developed a 24-point agenda focused on her leadership growth. I coached her on board agenda preparation and taught her how to leverage the Board to move the organization forward.  We also discussed, in detail, how to focus executive management to support and implement the Board’s vision.

RESULT - Sarah became a strong and successful leader.  At the end of her tenure, she received overwhelming approvals from Board members and executive staff and a rousing standing ovation at the Annual Meeting.


Executive Coaching

Anita” an Executive Coaching client operates a small consulting business. My work with her is focused on developing her business management and development skills while transforming her business from tactical work to providing strategic services. Anita uses me as her executive sounding board and trusted advisor for resolving key marketing and operational challenges.

RESULT – Anita’s business is growing and she increasingly engages clients at the strategic level.  She has co-authored a book sharing her expertise and developed technology to reach the national marketplace.