Job Search

Client roles

  • CEO, COO, Chief Executive for: Marketing, HR, Finance, Revenue/Sales, IT, Legal, Chief Scientist
  • Senior VP, VP, Senior Director, High-level individual contributor/SME

Client Issues

  • Identifying your business value (revenue, profit, shareholder value)
  • Selling your results vs. activities
  • Networking (who, message, payoff)
  • Interviewing
  • Managing and controlling networking and interview meetings
  • Resume and bio preparation
  • Evaluating and negotiating offers
  • Early job success
  • Developing a business, becoming a consultant

Client Industries

  • Technology (hardware, software consultant)
  • Healthcare (physician, researcher)
  • Financial Services (investing, insurance, banking)
  • Education (university, public, private)
  • Not-for-profit (religious, service, consulting)
  • Manufacturing (logistics, consumer products, defense)

Client Geography

14 US states and 2 Western European countries